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What’s the most serious form of computer crime in CO?

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the most serious form of a computer

crime would be anytime you find yourself

charged in federal court because Federal

sentences are usually much harsher than

State sentences federal crimes are much

more thoroughly investigated because the

federal government has a lot more

resources than the state has the federal

government tends to

prosecute cases like oh hacking

government computers or hacking the

computer of maybe a former employer

because that that affects interstate

commerce which then gives the federal

court jurisdiction to prosecute that

case and it’s much more serious to be

charged in federal court than it is in

state courts so when there’s one of

these investigations going on to the

extent we can insert ourselves in the

investigation with the people who are

doing the investigation the

investigative law enforcement agents if

it’s certain that charges are going to

be filed we always try and push it

towards State Court prosecution as

opposed to a federal court prosecution

because the results and the outcome can

be better if we push it into State Court

Which CO courts deal with computer crimes?

From David’s interview for the Masters of the Courtroom series on

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computer crimes are prosecuted in both state and

federal court in State Court as far as

computer crimes we see various hacking

this sometimes occurs in the domestic

relationship where a husband or a wife

will use the password to access The

spouse’s emails that’s a crime under

state law in Colorado there are also a

number of types of sex crimes that could

be committed online there’s downloading

child pornography and then there’s also

uh attempting to have relationships with

a minor that occurs online both of those

last two type sex crimes are prosecuted

in state and federal court and the

difference in terms of where they’re

prosecuted depends on how serious the

prosecutors view the offense so if there

are thousands and thousands of images of

child pornography or if the child

pornography was created that’s more

likely to become a federal crime than if

there were five or six images that were

downloaded which is more likely to

become a state crime

as far as these uh attempts to have

sexual relations with a minor those

occur usually when somebody’s engaged

with a police officer there’s not

actually a minor on the other end it’s a

sting and both the state and uh the

federal government through the office of

Homeland Security usually have those

types of resources out there on the

internet trying to catch people who

might be attempting to have sex with a


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Evidence standards, procedures, and sentencing guidelines are all different in federal court. There might be mandatory minimums for prison sentences if there is a conviction, but it is possible to prevent this type of worst case scenario. I do all I can to expose flaws in the case against you and protect your rights if you are accused of a computer crime. Contact me today for experienced, by submitting a consultation request or call 303.228.2270 for immediate assistance with your Colorado criminal defense matter.

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