Denver Criminal Defense Attorney M. David Lindsey

David Lindsey photoI am a third-generation native of the Rocky Mountain Region and I understand what is important to the people in this community. I began my legal career as a public defender in Wyoming after attending the University of Wyoming and later moved to Denver to open my criminal defense private practice.

I made a commitment to represent defendants in state and federal courts throughout Wyoming and Colorado when my career began in 1988 and that commitment continues today. No matter the accusations, my number one goal is to help you protect your freedom.

Anyone accused of a crime needs the support and representation of an experienced criminal attorney. Your freedom hinges on the experience of your attorney and his or her familiarity with the state and federal legal system.

My experience includes:

  • More than 30 years at the trial and appellate levels of state and federal courts in Wyoming and Colorado
  • Death penalty cases
  • Severe charges related to drug, sex, white collar, fraud and computer crimes
  • State licensing boards
  • Civil rights litigation
  • Murder, manslaughter, and assault cases

I am admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the 5th and 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the United States District Court for the District of Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona and Texas, the Colorado Supreme Court, the Wyoming Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Arizona.

Areas of Practice:

  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Law – Federal (White Collar Crimes)
  • Drug Crimes
  • Sex Crimes

My office is located in Englewood, Colorado and I represent clients throughout the states of Colorado and Wyoming. I am familiar with local and federal laws, and I have an impressive portfolio of expert witnesses and resources in the area. This means my clients are supported by an extensive network that ensures the best defense possible. If you have been accused of a crime, you need to protect your rights. Calling me is the smartest move you can make if you are facing criminal charges.

To schedule a free confidential consultation with Denver criminal defense lawyer David Lindsey, call 303-228-2270 or email David Lindsey Attorney at Law.

Meet David Lindsey

From David’s interview for the Masters of the Courtroom series on

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to be successful as a criminal defense

lawyer you have to have the ability to

find the core story of the person who’s

been charged and bring that home to the

jury finding that core story takes a lot

of Investigation a lot of work with the

client because the government has come

forward with one version of what

happened and it’s my job as a defense

attorney to come forward with the

version that most favors the person

who’s been charged with the crime

the thing about dealing with prosecutors

is day in day out they see defendants

charged with crimes and that’s all they

are is defendants charged with crimes to

me these are individual people who are

my clients who aren’t likely to

experience a criminal charge ever again

in their life this is their one time to

be in this system and it’s important

when I deal with prosecutors to tell the

prosecutors or bring home to the

prosecutors the fact that this is really

important to my clients life because

prosecutors become numb to the

consequences that a prosecution has on

an individual’s life

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