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My name is David Lindsey and I have more than 25 years of experience protecting the rights and preserving the freedom of clients throughout Colorado and Wyoming. I provide affordable, aggressive representation to every single client and I treat every case as if my own future were on the line. Whether you are charged with a crime in the states of Colorado or Wyoming, you face federal charges, or any combination of the three, I can help you build a strong defense. When you or a loved one is accused of a crime and faced with a difficult legal situation 303-228-2270 is the only call that you need to make.

My goal with every case is to protect the freedom and rights of my client. I do whatever it takes to get the best result possible. My Denver criminal defense law firm uses the latest technological resources available, allowing us to sort through evidence, organize witness statements, and track computer and wiretap records. To the prosecuting attorney and court system, you are just another defendant shuffling through the court system. To me, you are the most important person in the world and I will do all I can to protect your liberty.

My Team Helps You Win Your Criminal Defense Case

Defending a client accused of a crime is about more than just arguing in court. It takes time and resources to build a case a judge and jury understands. I work with numerous experts and investigators, and these ongoing professional relationships help me win cases. My extensive list of contacts includes forensic accountants, experienced private investigators, and technical, legal, and financial experts that support my clients and help me build the strongest defense. The expert opinions and testimony provided by my network makes it easier to negotiate with prosecutors and build a case that benefits my clients.

Experienced Denver and Federal Crime Attorney

I not only offer more than 25 years of experience, my portfolio includes a string of successful cases. I have worked with clients accused of a range of different crimes, including drug chargeswhite collar crimescomputer crimes and crimes involving illegal sexual conduct My goal in every case is to get the best result in the most cost effective manner. Not everyone can afford an expensive criminal attorney, but everyone deserves the best representation possible.

Why Should You Choose David Lindsey as your Criminal Defense Attorney?

• More than two decades of experience representing clients;
• Experience trying both state and federal criminal cases;
• Up-to-date technological resources;
• Individualized attention to every case;
• Extensive resource network that helps to build the strongest case possible



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