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My Denver law firm represents clients throughout Colorado and Wyoming. Whether you are facing state charges, federal charges, or a combination of the two, we do whatever it takes to protect your freedom. My experience includes trial and appellate support, which means I’m able to help you at any point in the legal process. Facing criminal charges? Unhappy with the outcome of your trial? If you need help call (303) 228-2270 now.

I have more than 30 years criminal defense experience and have handled matters including:I have more than 30 years criminal defense experience and have handled matters including:

You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer Who Understands the System

The prospect of criminal charges is one of the most frightening experiences a person can face. If you are accused of a crime, or a loved one has gotten into a dicey situation, you need a criminal defense attorney on your side. Even if charges have not yet been filed, you need legal support.

The early stages of your legal battle are the most important. Maintaining your freedom requires you to act fast. What can damage a case before charges are even filed?

  • Inadvertently submitting to interrogation
  • Permitting search and/or seizure of property
  • Allowing DNA collection

“Trying to be helpful” or assuming everything will be fine because you are not guilty can take you down a road of legal misery. Providing investigators access to information to which they would otherwise not be entitled can result in criminal charges. Seeking legal representation at the first hint of trouble might mean the difference between dismissal of pending charges and years in prison. Your job is not to help investigators, it is to protect yourself. Early action is the most effective tool you have for securing a favorable outcome in your case.

If any federal agency has contacted you about an issue, it is cause for concern. These powerful federal agencies mean business and even if they assure you they only want information, you must take action to protect your rights. Before providing information to any of these agencies, contact an experienced attorney.

I have dealt with the FBI, DHS, the DEA, and other federal organizations. I understand how they operate. I will act on your behalf and ensure your rights are protected, even if you have not committed a crime. Never assume innocence is enough to guarantee your freedom. A criminal defense attorney in your corner can mean the difference between years of legal battles and a quick resolution to a case.

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