what makes a crime federal

It’s important to understand the difference between federal and state crimes so that you can determine which court will handle your case and how much time you could face if convicted. In this blog post, we’re going to break down what makes a crime federal, so that you can understand the nuances of criminal law. […]

fair sentencing act

The Fair Sentencing Act was passed by Congress in 2010 and was expanded in 2018 to include compassionate release. The original law increased the quantity of crack cocaine needed to trigger mandatory minimum prison terms. Under the Fair Sentencing Act, people caught with five grams of crack cocaine must be sentenced to at least five […]

selling fake drugs

Selling Fake Drugs Selling illegal drugs or selling legal drugs without the proper authority to do so is illegal. But what if you sell something that is not really a drug or that is not the drug you claimed it to be? Can selling fake drugs get you into legal trouble? Yes. It’s a plain […]

On behalf of David Lindsey, Attorney at Law posted in Federal Drug Crimes on Friday, October 7, 2011. CNN is announcing a new federal drug crimes initiative by various United States Attorneys offices in California. According to reports, the Federal Government intends to begin using various federal prosecution tools to target the “large, for-profit marijuana […]


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