Colorado marijuana dispensary is scene of alleged 12-hour robbery

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On behalf of David Lindsey, Attorney at Law posted in Criminal Defense<. on Wednesday, September 21, 2011.

In Norwood, Colorado, two to three men allegedly raided a medical marijuana dispensary. According to police reports, the men held three individuals against their will by binding them with duct tape and threatening to kill them if they tried to contact the police. All three victims were subjected to multiple forms of assault. The alleged robbers took thousands of dollars and a large amount of marijuana. According to the men who were stolen from, both robbers were carrying what they believed to be automatic weapons.

Two of the men who were attacked recalled the incident to the police. One of the men had recently fallen asleep. He awoke to a dog barking and went outside to see what the noise was about. As he did so, he was confronted by the two alleged robbers. He said they were dressed in hunting gear and wore masks over their faces.

The man said they held him to the ground and pulled his roommate from their house. As they were being bound, the men said they were beaten and their lives were threatened. Soon, a woman who was friends with the two roommates showed up at their home. They were yelling for her to leave, but she did not hear them, and the alleged robbers restrained her as well.

While one gunman watched the three, the other man was busy using the roommates’ vehicles to transport money and marijuana to an unknown location. The incident reportedly lasted approximately 12 hours. Eventually, the gunmen left because one of the victims had managed to free himself. The men reported to the police after they escaped, with broken duct tape still around their wrists. Police believe they have enough evidence to catch the alleged assailants but have still offered a $1,000 reward for their whereabouts.

Incidents like this one show just how seriously Colorado police take matters of assault and robbery. In this particular case, they are offering a reward, meaning that many people in nearby communities will likely be looking for the alleged robbers. Experienced criminal defense attorneys understand how frightening a situation like this can be. If you know that police are looking for you, speaking to a Colorado defense attorney may be helpful in making sure you understand your rights and options.

Source: Montrose Daily Press, “Armed robbery suspects still at large, reward offered,” Matthew Beaudin, Sept. 9, 2011

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