Computer Crime Trends

David Lindsey, Attorney at Law

Like many things, crime and computer crime tends to occur in trends. Computer crimes trends change at lightning speed and sometimes it’s tough to keep up. What trends are popular right now in computer crimes and what can we expect to see in the coming year?

Attacks on a Specific Target

Attacks have increasingly become more targeted in recent years. This means hackers choose a selected target, as opposed to using any target that is vulnerable. For instance, the government data breaches that seemed to occur so frequently in 2014 are an example of a targeted attack.

These attacks tend to go unnoticed longer than other types of attacks, giving hackers more time to do the most damage. The data breach that involved Home Depot exposed more than 56 million credit card numbers and was in action for at least six months before it was discovered. There were more than 700 major data breaches in the United States in 2014.

Attacks on Payment Methods

Changes to the way consumers pay for products are likely to continue posing a threat to their security and an opportunity for hackers. More and more hackers are targeting online payment systems and stealing payment information, as well as other personal details from online consumers. Updated credit card security that began to take effect in October will likely secure point-of-purchase credit card information better, but will do little to eliminate the risk that occurs when shopping online.

Attacks on Life on the Internet

As more and more things involve the Internet, security attacks are also likely to arise. For instance, many people are getting their entertainment through online venues like Netflix and Amazon. There have already been security breaches related to these companies and they are likely to continue.

Users of social media also need to take security concerns into consideration. Not only are “cyber stalkers” a threat, large-scale attacks on personal information are also likely to occur as more and more people make social media a part of their everyday lives.

Trends in computer crimes continue to expand into new areas, making it even more likely you will be a victim or be accused of committing a crime yourself. If this happens to you and something you did has caught the interest of law enforcement, you need an attorney who understands computer crimes and can help you defend your rights. Contact Denver Criminal Defense Attorney David Lindsey to schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation.

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