Five Reasons You Need a Defense Attorney If You’re Accused of a Computer Crime

computer crimeWhat is Computer Crime

As the world continues to become increasingly more computerized and digital, people find themselves in situations they don’t fully understand – especially from a legal standpoint.

Lawmakers are aggressive about keeping up with technology and sometimes, computer crime laws end up affecting people who have done nothing more than make a mistake.

Making matters worse, a conviction of computer crime can result in significant fines and even a prison sentence. This is why it’s so important to contact a criminal defense attorney if you are accused of a computer crime, even if you know you did nothing wrong.

If you’ve been accused of any of the following, you need the guidance and support of an experienced computer crimes attorney:

  • Hacking
  • Identity theft
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Credit card fraud
  • Violation of pornography laws

Why Do You Need a Defense Attorney Who Understands Computer Crimes?

 How can a defense attorney help you if you’re accused of any of the above?

  1. Experienced defense attorneys are able to negotiate with prosecutors. This can mean reduced charges and less severe sentence.

    It’s rare that a prosecutor will negotiate with someone who is representing him or herself and even if it is possible, you’re at a disadvantage. You’ll be dealing with an experienced negotiator with years of experience who has little to no personal stake in the matter.

    You’re better off working with a professional who can manage the situation and “play hardball” for your benefit.

    For more information on the process of plea negotiations, check out this information.

  2. Criminal attorneys can provide a much-needed glimpse into reality. It’s easy to get so caught up in your perspective of the case that you’ll need someone to explain the likely outcome you’re facing.

    For instance, it might be in your best interest to settle outside of court, but if you don’t understand the situation fully from a legal perspective you could end up facing a far harsher penalty than necessary. It’s always helpful to have an experienced, objective perspective that will help you make the best possible decision.Defense attorneys know the ins and outs of the justice system. They have experience dealing with the courts and are familiar with the procedures that might not be gleaned from other sources of information. This could include everything from local customs to knowing which prosecutor has the authority to settle a case.

  3. Defense attorneys have a better shot at collecting witness testimony. People are more likely to talk to defense attorneys or investigators because there is less to fear. You might know you’re innocent, but a witness might not see you that way.

    An attorney also has access to other resources that can help them build a stronger case.

  4. Defense attorneys might be able to work with the justice system to create a sentence customized to your needs. This reduces the risk you’ll face further legal action in the future.

    For instance, it might be possible to serve a sentence in a particular location or get certain details of probation tailored to suit your situation. The easier it is for you to abide by the restriction of your penalty the better you are in the long run.

    Perhaps the most important reason you need to work with a defense attorney if you’re accused of a computer crime is that the laws regarding these crimes are ever-changing. As technology change at the speed of light, so do the laws. You need someone whose job it is to understand what’s happening and be on top of things as they change.

    If you have been accused of a computer crime, you need help. Going it alone, even if you are innocent, will only make matters worse. Contact David Lindsey to schedule a consultation.

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