I’ve Been Accused of Sexual Misconduct! What Now?

David Lindsey, Attorney at Law

Anyone can accuse you of doing anything at any time. Many times sexual misconduct allegations come out of nowhere. People exaggerate your actions or they accuse you of something out of revenge.

No matter the reason your accuser has taken action, you need to protect yourself. Any allegations of sexual misconduct should be taken seriously, even if you know you did nothing wrong. Law enforcement and the legal system will take the situation seriously – you should too. You should not speak to anyone about the allegations until you speak with a lawyer. Do not speak to law enforcement, and do not speak to anyone else. Politely decline to discuss the matter, and explain that you do not wish to speak about the matter. You are never obligated to speak with anyone—including law enforcement officers.

Accusations of sexual misconduct are some of the most frightening you can face. Whether you were involved in a misunderstanding or you’ve overstepped your boundaries and the person wants to take legal action against you, it’s important you get legal help fast.

Your Rights are More Important than Your Discomfort

As difficult as it might be to speak to someone about the allegations against you, it’s imperative you contact an experienced attorney.

Put your embarrassment aside and focus on protecting yourself. You could be facing charges with very little evidence against you. It’s possible to wind up in jail because of a misunderstanding – do not put your future at risk because you feel uncomfortable talking about the situation at hand.

It’s common for someone accused of sexual misconduct – especially someone who is innocent of the crime for which they are accused – to want to plead his or her case. Unfortunately, speaking to law enforcement, even if you are telling the truth, can get you into trouble. They use interrogation techniques that can trick you into admitting to something you didn’t do or have you corroborate the details of their investigation and lend support to their case against you.

You should never speak to law enforcement unless you have an attorney there to guide you through the conversation. This is the only way you can be sure you do not fall for a trick or say something that can later be used against you.

Sex Offenders Face Lifetime Penalties

Sexual offenses carry harsh penalties and many of these penalties are mandatory. This means you could face extensive jail time and steep fines, even if you are innocent. Not to mention you’ll likely be required to register as a sex offender – a registration that lasts a lifetime and can damage your reputation forever.

To learn more about sex offender registry laws, visit the website for the US Department of Justice.

It is your right to have an attorney present when you are questioned by police. You should be told this when you are arrested, but if you are being questioned as a person of interest and you are not under arrest, chances are law enforcement won’t mention your right to an attorney. You should have attorney with you whenever you speak to law enforcement, regardless of your situation.

In many cases, law enforcement believes you to be guilty before they even speak to you. Their interrogation is an opportunity to strengthen their case. Do not give them the opportunity to use your words against you.

If you’ve been accused of sexual misconduct, you need an attorney on your side. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact David Lindsey.

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