It is possible to be accused of stalking by anyone at any time, but when you are in the process of ending a relationship or have recently done so, actions tend to be misunderstood and could be construed as harassment or stalking. Even if your intentions are good, your former significant other might have concerns […]

  Doctors who have spent years abusing the Medicare system and overcharging patients could soon get a wake u call. The Obama administration has made changes that will likely put an end to years of abuse and reveal how much money individual doctors treating Medicare patients receive. Dealing with Medicare Abuses Unfortunately, even after doctors […]

  Anyone who has seen a television drama based on law enforcement and judicial proceedings knows how intense things can get “in the interrogation room.” In many ways, these situations are not an exaggeration. Law enforcement officials will take whatever legal means necessary to extract a confession from a suspect. Their job is to solve […]

In a ruling issued today, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals gave a good example of why we need courts of appeals. Judge Brooks Jackson was chastised by the Court of Appeals for failing to follow the law when it came to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Judge Jackson was previously a state court judge in […]

Traveler Search and Seizure

Documents released as part of a legal settlement between the Department of Homeland Security and the fundraiser working for the defense of Chelsea (formerly PFC Bradley) Manning reveal that the government has been using “travel alerts” at border crossings to confiscate and examine electronic devices without a warrant. By taking these devices and copying their […]

DEA Receiving Tips from the NSA

The Reuters news agency has discovered that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has been receiving “tips” from the NSA, a revelation that has conspiracy theorists and pragmatists alike shaking their heads. The most disturbing part of this disclosure is how the DEA’s use of “parallel construction” enables law enforcement to skirt pretrial discovery rules and hide the […]

A federal judge has overturned an Englewood, Colorado ordinance that seeks to limit where convicted sex offenders can live, calling it a conflict with “the state interest in the uniform treatment, management, rehabilitation, and reintegration of sex offenders during and after state supervision.” The ordinance barred convicted sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of […]

The Department of Justice has announced a new policy to handle low-level drug offenses committed by nonviolent offenders without gang affiliations. The policy is one part of a sweeping prison reform package introduced by Attorney General Eric Holder to an American Bar Association gathering in San Francisco on Monday. Holder unveiled the new policy, which […]

US v Davila

In a unanimous decision, the United State Supreme Court has ruled that a judge’s participation in a plea negotiation does not constitute a reversible error, given the language in the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 11(h), which stipulates that “a variance from this rule is harmless error if it does not affect substantial rights”. In […]

The Supreme Court has issued a ruling on a defendant’s right to remain silent that directly impacts how prosecutors may use that silence as evidence in trial. In Salinas v. Texas, the court ruled that if an individual is voluntarily speaking to the police in a pre-arrest situation, and refuses to answer a specific question, […]


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