Three Surprising Effects a Domestic Violence Charge Will Have on Your Life

David Lindsey, Attorney at Law

Domestic violence is viewed by many in society as a private matter. They believe if something happens within a family’s home it is nobody’s business and everyone should turn a blind eye, even if it is something disruptive or unusual. Unfortunately, when it comes to acts of violence in the home, this attitude can result in serious injuries, disturbing abuse, and even death.

Opinions about domestic violence are beginning to change, as more and more people speak up about the issue. Unfortunately, if something you do is perceived as domestic violence even when it is not, or you make a single mistake after a lifetime of living in a peaceful home, it can have a profound effect on your future and your freedom.

This shift will result in greater protections for victims of domestic violence and will hopefully create an environment in which abuse in the home is completely unacceptable, but if you find yourself on the wrong end of accusations, you can expect your suffering to be fairly significant. This is especially frightening for those falsely accused of violent actions toward a loved one.

What are some of the most disruptive effects of a domestic violence charge?

• Obviously, if you are charged with domestic violence, you can go to jail and face serious fines. The charges will also become part of your criminal record. In most cases, a domestic violence conviction results in a first degree misdemeanor. Perpetrators might also spend months in jail. Anything in your life – your ability to find a job, your access to various freedoms, your personal life – that is affected by a criminal conviction is affected in the same way by a domestic violence incident.

• A domestic violence conviction also affects your ability to spend time with your children. If you are in the process of divorcing your spouse, accusations of domestic violence will significantly impact your custody arrangement. If you are trying to alter an existing custody arrangement or you are hoping to enjoy unsupervised visits with you children, domestic violence will eliminate the possibility of these things occurring any time in the near future. If your child custody arrangement is altered, it will not be in your favor.

• Your significant other can request a protective order that affects your ability to enter your home. Protective orders can have a dramatic effect on your daily comings and goings. The burden is on your to ensure you stay within the restrictions of the protective order.

Have you been accused of domestic violence? You need to take action quickly. A domestic violence conviction can severely alter your life, so you need to do all you can to protect yourself against these charges. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact David Lindsey, Denver criminal law attorney

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