Three Ways the Current Rash of Domestic Violence Cases Could Affect You

David Lindsey, Attorney at Law

Anyone who has paid even a bit of attention to current events knows there are a number of high-profile domestic violence cases in the news. The most talked about events involve athletes and have triggered a nationwide conversation about domestic violence. From magazine articles to popular television shows, people are calling for an end to violence in the home. This is great news for victims and could end up stopping many incidents before they get out of control, but with domestic violence as the “topic du jour,” could there be negative consequences, too?

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, your answer to this question is a resounding “yes.” There are instances in which one person accuses another of a violent act that never occurred and as a result, the accused must fight a long and difficult legal battle to clear his or her name. The likelihood of incidences like this increasing is high as more and more ill-intended people realize they gain a great deal of power by accusing someone of domestic violence. Not only does this hurt the accused, it muddies the waters for legitimate victims and their cases.

If you are involved in a less-than-perfect relationship or you have a history of volatile incidents with a former partner, the current attention being paid to domestic violence could ultimately have an effect on you, especially if your partner or former partner decides to take advantage of the current trend. How so?

Closer Scrutiny of Every Case

Any claim made by your accuser is going to lead to extreme scrutiny of the situation. Law enforcement does not want to be accused of letting anything slide, so you can expect a full investigation, even if an event is minor or fabricated. The case might go nowhere, but the intrusive investigation could have a major impact life as you know it.

Acceptable for Your Employer to Take Action

There was a time when issues in the home stayed in the home and had no effect on a person’s professional life. It’s true – people should be held accountable for the mistakes they make, especially if those mistakes jeopardize another person’s safety. Unfortunately, employers are taking action at the mere hint of problems. If someone in your life levies false accusations of domestic violence, it could affect your job. And even if you are able to clear your name and be reinstated, you are surrounded by a dark cloud of suspicion and viewed as someone whose at-home life has interfered with his or her work life.

You Could End Up the Example

What if in the heat of an argument things get out of control and a minor incident does occur? You might be defending yourself or trying to escape a situation, but your partner chooses to pin the wrongdoing on you. And what if everyone handling your case decides to make you the example? There are many what-ifs in this scenario, but you never know whether you will be the one used by law enforcement and the judicial system to set a standard and drive a lesson home for future perpetrators.

If you have been accused of domestic violence you need to act fast. In no time at all people will be changing their opinions of you and your life could end up in a shambles. You need an attorney on your side who understands domestic violence laws and knows how the system works. Furthermore, your attorney needs to have a grasp on current events and how they could affect your case.

David Lindsey is that attorney. Contact him to learn more about domestic violence accusations and to get the help you need to defend your rights and protect your good name.

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