What Should You Do If You are Accused of Solicitation?

David Lindsey, Attorney at Law

There are laws against solicitation of prostitution in many states. It’s a criminal offense and can lead to serious penalties. If you’ve been charged with solicitation of prostitution you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

What is Solicitation?

Solicitation of sexual acts is illegal in Colorado.

You can be charged with solicitation of prostitution if you attempt to sell or purchase sexual services for compensation. The attempt can occur verbally, through your actions, or by general conduct.

Solicitation of prostitution is a crime of specific intent. This means that to be guilty of the crime, the prosecutor must show that you seriously intended to offer or accept money for sexual acts. Even if you deny any serious intent, the legal system can convict you if the other party involved confirms they made an offer.

What Penalties Could You Face for Solicitation?

  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Jail

What If There is Entrapment?

Sometimes accusations of solicitation result from entrapment. Entrapment can occur when law enforcement runs a sting operation in an attempt to compel someone to hire a sex worker.

When law enforcement encourages or induces someone to commit a crime that they would not have committed without that encouragement, it might be a case of entrapment.

In some cases, people respond to the misleading language used in a sting and innocently end up in situations they never intended to occur. It’s possible to speak to a sex worker without ever intending to purchase their services. This is not a crime. However, the prosecution can present the conversation as something it was not when attempting to accuse that person of a crime.

Situations even exist in which someone acts on the offer to receive sex in exchange for money without realizing what they agreed to. You’re innocent if you turn away from a situation once you realize it involves sex. Unfortunately, miscommunication can still lead to an arrest. Prosecutors can charge you with solicitation even if you never intended to do anything wrong.

Many legal defenses against accusations of solicitation involve proving no predisposition to committing a crime before police involvement.

What Should You Do In Response to Accusations of Solicitation?

Accusations of solicitation, especially if your situation involves entrapment, can be extremely difficult to deal with. Not only do you face the risks of fines or jail time, but your reputation is also on the line. Even a not guilty ruling could ruin your reputation.

Working with an experienced defense attorney familiar with solicitation charges increases your chances of a successful outcome with as little damage as possible. An attorney will review your case and help you create the strongest defense. Even if you know you are innocent of the charges against you, it’s important to contact an attorney for assistance.

If you’ve been accused of solicitation of prostitution, you need legal assistance. For more information or to discuss your case with a legal professional, contact David Lindsey.

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