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Computer Crimes

There is no substitute for experience. I pride myself on keeping current with technology and possible criminal prosecutions that are on the frontier of both law and technology. My knowledge of technology combined with my over 30 years of criminal defense experience have generated very good results for clients facing accusations of computer related crimes.

Laws defining computer crimes and their associated penalties are always changing. As technology changes, the law must rush to catch up and many people are left wondering what is legal and what is illegal. If you have been accused of a computer crime, it is imperative you hire an attorney familiar with the territory. An experienced criminal defense attorney will understand the charges levied against you, be they federal or state, and do all he can to protect your rights.

I am a Colorado computer crimes lawyer very familiar with technology-focused criminal cases. My firm stays up-to-date on the evolution of laws governing computer crimes. These cases are often federal due to the reach of technology and I have been admitted to practice at both the state and federal level in Wyoming, and Colorado. I also have access to a wide range of expert witnesses who we can use to build your defense. I have represented individuals in many computer related crimes including:

  • Computer hacking, obtaining access to information illegally
  • Internet Crimes
  • Mail fraud
  • Child pornography possession and distribution
  • Wire fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Unauthorized access cases
  • Crypto currency
  • Dark web cases

Has your employer experienced computer or network problems and accused you of planting bad code? Have accounting errors resulted in accusations of embezzlement against you? Did you fail to disclose information on a digital loan document? I can help.

In other situations, bank fraud charges can result by not disclosing all or accurate information on digital loan documents. One example is not stating how much debt you have accumulated.

Some of the questions we will cover in an initial consultation will include:

  • Were you a victim of an illegal search?
  • Was a wiretap placed on your phone to obtain information illegally?
  • Were any seizures of information executed legally?

All of these issues are important for building your defense.

Evidence standards, procedures, and sentencing guidelines are all different in federal court. I do all I can to expose flaws in the case against you and protect your rights if you are accused of a computer crime. Contact me today for experienced, by submitting a consultation request or call 303.228.2270 for immediate assistance with your Colorado criminal defense matter.

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