Federal Drug Crimes

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Throughout Colorado and Southeast Wyoming, there are many interstate highways. One consequence of law enforcement contact on the interstate highway system is that if you are found to be in possession of drugs, controlled substances or illegal firearms, you may be charged in federal court. Sentences in federal court can often be quite harsh, and it is very important that you have a qualified criminal defense attorney representing you from the earliest stage onward.

For over 30 years, I have been defending people from every background who have been charged with any kind of federal drug crime. Contact me immediately if you want qualified defense counsel on your side who can begin to help you right away.

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In the southeast area of Wyoming, many arrests occur because there is a widespread drug interdiction program being implemented along the interstate highways. This is an organized effort by the highway patrol to use dogs to perform sniff searches when they stop a vehicle for any type of traffic violation.

When someone is stopped, the canine is brought out at the same time the officer is questioning the driver and asking for his or her license and registration. If the dog senses a substance, this is grounds for probable cause to search your vehicle and if any drugs are found, you can be charged based on this recovered evidence.

As an Englewood federal drug crimes lawyer, I have experience in both Wyoming and Colorado federal court challenging federal drug crimes including possession, distribution, manufacturing, and trafficking charges resulting from a highway stop or any other type of situation. No matter what type of drug or what amount you are found with, I can investigate how the arrest took place and if all proper procedures were followed.

Federal prosecutions based on evidence obtained from wiretaps are also a prevalent law enforcement technique. Challenging wiretaps, and the evidence obtained as part of a wiretap requires an attorney experienced in the federal law related to wiretaps. I am familiar with and have handled many such cases.

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Having an experienced Colorado drug trafficking attorney on your side can help you achieve a more favorable outcome. My skill, hard work, and tenacity are here to help you navigate the complex procedural rules in federal court. If you are facing federal drug crimes, take control of your future today and contact me for comprehensive defense representation.

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