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Preparing to Defend a Case

A great deal of preparation goes into a successful criminal defense. At my Denver law office, I do what it takes within the bounds of the law and ethics when preparing to defend a case for my clients. I often tell people that the government works with nearly unlimited resources, so it is critical to partner with an attorney who leverages your resources effectively to defend a criminal case against law enforcement and state and federal prosecutors.

I start preparing to defend a case by gathering the resources necessary to fight the criminal charges you face. If necessary, I work with forensic accountants, private investigators, expert witnesses, legal and financial experts to do so. These highly respected specialists help me leverage the facts of your case to your advantage in negotiations with prosecutors and at trial.

I also focus on discovering and preserving critical evidence in your case. I hire investigators to talk with the witnesses the government talked to. I also review all the documents in your case — transcripts of wiretap evidence, financial records and computer files — looking for favorable evidence or evidence that was obtained through illegal search and seizure.

Because you may only have three months to prepare a case while the government has had years, it is important to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. My law firm also uses the latest technological resources to sort through extensive evidence, including witness statements, computer and wiretap records.

Preparation of an effective criminal defense in a case involving government wiretapping can involve the review of hundreds of calls. Your lawyer must also know the law around wiretapping and make sure that law enforcement complied with all requirements. Law enforcement must have adhered to the correct federal court authorization process by obtaining Title Three Wiretap Authorization.

Acting quickly is critical, because evidence needs to be preserved before it is gone. I act fast to secure camera footage from surveillance cameras, statements made on Facebook pages or other evidence that tends to disappear over time.

Handling the Media in Your Criminal Case

When facing criminal charges, the last thing most people want is more attention. Yet some attorneys treat criminal defense cases as marketing opportunities. They take the opportunity to give press conferences about the allegations, drawing often embarrassing attention to the defendant.

At my Denver law firm, I know that creating a great deal of publicity in your case is a losing battle. While the law presumes that defendants are innocent until proven guilty, the American public rarely sees things this way. That is why I use strategies that help my clients avoid media publicity.

I have experience handling high-profile cases without drawing unnecessary media coverage. Respecting my clients and using smart tactics that keep them out of the limelight, I focus on providing representation that allows my clients to live life as normally as possible while charges are pending.

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