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Denver Hunting and Fishing Violation Lawyer

While Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region provide an incredible opportunity for outdoor sport and wilderness activities, one mistake can result in those opportunities being taken away. A hunting or fishing violation may carry significant state or federal charges, and in some cases law enforcement officials go to great lengths to catch people in violation of a law or regulation.

These types of charges can be even more severe for a professional outdoorsman or tour guide who inadvertently goes into an area that is prohibited.

If you have been charged with a hunting or fishing violation, the skill of an experienced attorney cannot be undervalued in mitigating consequences.

Colorado Wildlife Violation Attorney

I am ready to put more than 30 years of work as a criminal defense lawyer to aggressively defend and protect the rights of outdoorsmen and sportsmen on charges related to:

  • Firearm violations and offenses
  • Fishing/hunting without a license/permit
  • Illegal wildlife possession
  • Illegal motor vehicle use
  • Hunting out of season/in a prohibited area
  • Poaching

I understand both the immediate concern of a criminal charge as well as the long-term desire to continue outdoor activity. It is my goal to do everything possible to mitigate a charge and help my clients continue engaging in the sports they love.

To schedule a free confidential consultation to discuss game violations with Denver hunting and fishing violation attorney David Lindsey, call (303) 228-2270 or email David Lindsey, Attorney at Law.

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