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How are most CO criminal cases resolved?

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most criminal cases are resolved with

what’s called a disposition commonly

known as a as a as a plea bargain where

the district attorney or uh whoever the

prosecuting Authority is will offer a

disposition and there’ll be some

negotiation between the client and the

government attorney about what might be

a fair resolution and most cases are

resolved through plea agreements the

alternative to a plea agreement is going

to trial which is a jury trial with if

it’s a felony it’s 12 people and if it’s

a misdemeanor case it’s a six-person


Depending on the degree of the crime (nature of injury, whether a weapon was used), a domestic violence charge can range from a misdemeanor to a felony and has consequences that stem beyond just a criminal charge. In addition to the inability to own a firearm, those charged with domestic violence may be barred from their home and unable to see their children.

To make matters worse, it can be extremely easy to be charged with domestic violence. While it depends on the jurisdiction, in almost every case when the police are called on a domestic disturbance, someone is going to jail.

When someone is convicted of domestic violence, he or she also has to complete domestic violence counseling within a specific timeframe, a serious time commitment that many people have significant difficulty completing.

Because of the severity of these charges, it is critical to work with the most skilled attorney you can find to begin aggressively protecting your rights.

Domestic Violence: Denver Restraining Order Violation Lawyer

    • I am prepared to bring more than 30 years of complex criminal defense experience to defend people charged with

domestic violence, as well as related offenses, including:

  • Violation of restraining orders
  • False allegations
  • Harassment
  • Menacing
  • Stalking
  • Child abuse allegations

I understand the stress and issues that these types of criminal cases pose. I am committed to doing everything I can to help clients work toward an ideal outcome.

To schedule a free confidential consultation with Denver domestic violence lawyer David Lindsey, call 303-228-2270 or email David Lindsey, Attorney at Law.

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