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    When someone provides false information regarding an insurance application or policy to obtain payments to which he or she is not entitled, he or she can be charged with insurance fraud. This charge can come from any type of insurance policy, but typically stems from insurance policies involving:

  • Automobiles
  • Homes
  • Medical
  • Life
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Property
  • Health care
  • Welfare

It is important to realize that insurance fraud costs insurance companies billions of dollars annually and they have significant resources dedicated to funding investigation of these crimes. If and when a charge is brought at either the state or federal level, it is all but a guarantee that the prosecution will be extremely strong, funded, tireless in building a case and extremely eager to bring as severe of a charge as possible.

Colorado Insurance Claim Fraud Lawyer

I understand the severity of these charges, having worked as an attorney on insurance fraud cases for more than 30 years. I am prepared to help you begin ideally protecting your rights if you believe you are being investigated or have been charged with insurance fraud.

In these cases, as with all fraud crimes, it is extremely important to act decisively. One misstep, particularly in the initial stages of an investigation, can have catastrophic consequences. I urge you to reach out so you can inform yourself and take the ideal action to arrive at a best possible resolution.

To schedule a free confidential consultation regarding insurance fraud with Denver insurance fraud lawyer David Lindsey, call 303-228-2270 or email David Lindsey, Attorney at Law.

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