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Can I Be Forced to Share My Security Passwords?

Keeping your passwords – the words and phrases you use to protect electronic financial and other personal information – secure is one of the most important things you can do in this day and age. Neglecting to lock down information with strong passwords can result in long-term security risks. But what happens if you’re accused of a crime or you have information law enforcement wants access to and they ask for your ...
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How Should I Respond If Police Ask to Search My Vehicle?

If you’ve ever been pulled over by law enforcement and during the traffic stop police asked to search your vehicle, you are not alone. Every day, traffic stops develop into vehicle searches. Law enforcement has the right to escalate a traffic stop to a search if there is evidence you have something illegal in your vehicle. However, just as police are not allowed to bust into your home for any reason, n...
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I’ve Been Accused of Sexual Misconduct! What Now?

Anyone can accuse you of doing anything at any time. Many times sexual misconduct allegations come out of nowhere. People exaggerate your actions or they accuse you of something out of revenge. No matter the reason your accuser has taken action, you need to protect yourself. Any allegations of sexual misconduct should be taken seriously, even if you know you did nothing wrong. Law enforcement and the legal system will take...
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What You Need to Know about the Exclusionary Rule and How It Affects Evidence in the Case Against You

Perhaps you’ve seen the exclusionary rule “in action” on your favorite television police drama. It occurs when the defense asks a judge to exclude a piece of evidence, usually because it was illegally obtained. The exciting moment of the episode comes when the defendant is proven guilty even without the tainted evidence. In real life, the exclusionary rule works much the same, but there is rarely the same drama involved. Judges exemp...
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What’s a Plea Bargain?

Plea bargaining is a way to resolve a case and avoid going to trial. Plea bargains usually occur when a defendant is confident he or she will be found guilty in a trial. Plea bargaining makes it possible to avoid the harshest penalties by pleading guilty to one or more charges that are usually less the one he or she would face in a trial. This can result in the dropping...
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Should You Allow Law Enforcement to Enter Your Home?

What would you do if law enforcement knocked on your door and asked to have a look around? Would you even bother opening the door if you looked out the window and saw police officers outside? There are plenty of reasons why you might want to open the door, but have you considered all the reasons why you shouldn’t? There is no law that requires you to open the door when s...
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Can Bad Driving Result in Drug Charges?

If you are stopped by law enforcement while driving based on a minor infraction, only to find yourself ticketed or in deeper trouble for another crime, you wouldn’t be alone. There are even instances in which police cannot issue a ticket for something illegal unless they pull you over for another valid reason. For instance, depending on where you live, law enforcement might not be able to pull you over for n...
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What You Should Know about Online Entrapment

Ask the average person on the street about entrapment and he or she will likely reply it is illegal and something law enforcement is not able to do, even to a known criminal. Unfortunately, the question of what is and is not entrapment is rarely considered until a person becomes the target of the practice. One of the most common instances in which the question of entrapment arises is in potential...
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Year in Review: Top Five Cyber Crimes of 2016 and What’s Ahead in the New Year

2016 was a busy year for cyber criminals and nobody expects things to slow down in the near future. What were some of this year’s most common crimes? 1. Many of the cyber crimes committed in 2016 involved ransomware. Often, ransomware was used by less experienced cyber criminals to restrict access to data and demand a “ransom” payment. The use of ransomware on mobile devices was also on the rise this year ...
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What Wikileaks Should Teach You about Online Whistleblowing

The election has made Wikileaks a popular topic in the news lately, but exactly what Wikileaks is and how its actions can possibly be legal has many confused. Many people think Wikileaks is a group of hackers or an organization that hacks emails, but it is actually more complicated than that. Furthermore, if the average person tried to get away with what Wikileaks has done there is a good chance he...
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What is Doxxing?

Doxxing, which forms from a combination of the words dropping and documents, is used to describe the malicious act of collecting private and personal information and releasing it to the public. The information usually includes private addresses and phone numbers, as well as national identity numbers, such as a person’s social security number, and other sensitive information, like photos and credit reports. The term was originally used within certain internet circles, b...
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What is Swatting and Why You Need an Attorney If You’re Accused of It

Swatting is a prank that can result in serious consequences. You “swat” someone when you place a 911 call and report an emergency situation at their home. Past swatting incidents have given reports of active shooters or hostage situations at a particular location. In response to the report, law enforcement officials, usually a SWAT team, descend on the location and carry out tactical measures to deal with the situation. Usually, an uns...
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Downloading Torrents: Are You Breaking the Law?

blog imageIt’s been several years since stories about Napster and illegally downloading music online were all over the news, but issues with piracy are still putting people at risk every day. Though most people are aware that piracy of copyrighted materials is illegal, many do not fully understand what the practice includes. Things they believe are perfectly legal could land them in legal hot water, so it’s important to clarify what is leg...
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Five of the Most Prolific Cybercrimes that Remain a Mystery

Cybercrimes are a dime a dozen, but some have risen to the top as being more nefarious, more bizarre, or more widespread than others. And many of these, to this day, remain unsolved. Consider these cybercrime “whoppers” that are remain unsolved years later: Blackmail Gone Wrong One of the best known credit card breaches occurred in January 2000, right after the relief of surviving the Y2K transition. The breach was, in a w...
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Understanding Stalking Can Help You Avoid Being Accused

According to the Stalking Resource Center, there are more than 7 million victims of stalking every year in the United States. Most of them are young (under 25) and many experienced stalking during their teen years – or earlier. Stalking is a crime in all 50 states and more than half of them consider a second offense of stalking a felony. A little awareness can go a long way. The more y...
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Computer Crime Trends

Like many things, crime and computer crime tends to occur in trends. Computer crimes trends change at lightning speed and sometimes it’s tough to keep up. What trends are popular right now in computer crimes and what can we expect to see in the coming year? Attacks on a Specific Target Attacks have increasingly become more targeted in recent years. This means hackers choose a selected target, as opposed to using a...
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Top Three Reasons You Need an Attorney before Talking to Law Enforcement

If you have been arrested and you are being questioned by law enforcement, they will do whatever is legally permitted to get a confession. Their number one goal is to solve the crime and they want to accomplish this as efficiently as they can, so they can move on to the next case. Unfortunately, there are times when this pressure leads to innocent people being accused of crimes they did not...
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What Can You Expect If You are the Subject of a Computer Crimes Investigation?

If you believe you are being investigated for committing a computer crime, there are several things you should know. First and foremost, you need to contact an attorney familiar with defending people accused of computer crimes. Technology is constantly changing and the laws must do so, too. You need the support of an attorney willing to keep up with the changes. People use computers for just about everything these days, which...
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Could the Recent Government Data Hack Affect You?

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently revealed criminal hackers stole personal information from more than 20 million people, making it possibly the most significant data hack in history. Experts believe the fallout from the hack could compromise US intelligence and affect individual victims for years to come. Many believe China was responsible for the hack. OPM’s database was mostly unencrypted and monitored by a security team with barely any IT e...
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Three Ways the Current Rash of Domestic Violence Cases Could Affect You

Anyone who has paid even a bit of attention to current events knows there are a number of high-profile domestic violence cases in the news. The most talked about events involve athletes and have triggered a nationwide conversation about domestic violence. From magazine articles to popular television shows, people are calling for an end to violence in the home. This is great news for victims and could end up stopping many...
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