child pornography lawyer

If you’ve been accused of a computer sex crime, you need a child pornography lawyer. Child pornography is a serious offense with harsh penalties. Most people accused of crimes related to child porn end up in their situation for one of two reasons: They intentionally sought out the material They unintentionally came into contact with […]

How Does the Law Protect People with Autism?

Is your child on the spectrum and been accused of a crime? Children with autism benefit from a variety of different laws created to protect them. Your child’s diagnosis also plays a role in his or her defense. How does the law protect people with autism? Here’s what you need to know. What is Autism? […]

accused of date rape

If you or someone you care about has been accused of date rape, you need to speak to an attorney. Guilty or not, your situation is serious. Even if criminal charges are not filed against you or you are not convicted, being accused of date rape can ruin your life. Innocent people accused of things […]

On behalf of David Lindsey, Attorney at Law posted in Preparing to Defend a Case on Tuesday, September 6, 2011. A New Jersey Supreme Court ruling is expected to have a far-reaching impact on the way a criminal case is tried in this country, and may also have a big impact on preparing to defend […]


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