Colorado heroin distribution ring busted

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On behalf of David Lindsey, Attorney at Law posted in Drug Charges on Tuesday, August 23, 2011.

A drug trafficking bust occurred recently in Pueblo, Colorado. The bust, which had been in the works for nine months, led to the arrest of 24 people and seized more than $2 million worth of black tar heroin from the streets of Pueblo. Investigators say they were surprised that the heroin they discovered was destined for the streets of Pueblo and not a larger city.

The alleged leader of the ring, a 40-year-old resident of the area, was arrested during the bust. Law enforcement officials, including those from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration and the Pueblo Police Department, found 10 pounds of black tar heroin. They confiscated 12 vehicles, two guns and $43,000 in cash. Of the people who were arrested for alleged association with the drug distribution ring, many were from the Pueblo area. According to police, the heroin bust was one of the 10 largest in Colorado history.

Investigations began when a tip came in about the drug ring in December 2010. Officials then went undercover to find out more information, either purchasing heroin themselves or using confidential informants to act as buyers. The undercover investigation allowed law enforcement to locate vehicles, cell phones, locations and individuals involved. A warrant issued in early August allowed law enforcement to tap the cell phones of the alleged drug traffickers. Earlier this month, investigators learned that a shipment of heroin had arrived in Pueblo. They then followed one suspect to a Pueblo residence, which led to the arrest of the alleged ring leader as well as many of his suspected associates.

Though the multi-agency task force arrested 24 individuals, investigators are still looking for at least five others.

This drug case is a clear example of the lengths Colorado authorities will go to arrest people they suspect of committing drug-related crimes. In this particular case, authorities spent nine months trying to catch the suspected criminals. As is common in drug cases, police went undercover in an attempt to fool the alleged drug traffickers.

Being charged with a drug crime is very serious. It is not unheard of for police to tap cell phones or use informants in order to gather the evidence needed to arrest a person. If you suspect you are being investigated by police, speaking to an experienced defense attorney may be a good idea. A lawyer can help make sure you understand your rights and options.

Source: The Pueblo Chieftain, “24 arrested in $2.2M heroin bust,” Jeff Tucker, Aug. 11, 2011

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