Top Three Reasons You Need an Attorney before Talking to Law Enforcement

David Lindsey, Attorney at Law

If you have been arrested and you are being questioned by law enforcement, they will do whatever is legally permitted to get a confession. Their number one goal is to solve the crime and they want to accomplish this as efficiently as they can, so they can move on to the next case.

Unfortunately, there are times when this pressure leads to innocent people being accused of crimes they did not commit, and in some cases, even inadvertently admitting to those crimes just to end the interrogation. If you are being questioned by law enforcement about a crime, the absolute best way you can protect your rights is to contact an attorney. Whether you are innocent or not, you need a lawyer who understands how to handle the situation.

Law Enforcement is Trained to Get a Confession

Law enforcement officials are trained to communicate with those involved in a crime. This includes witnesses, criminals, and anyone else that can help them resolve the matter. Some of the methods law enforcement uses, though legal, can result in injustice. They might refer to evidence that does not exist or use other methods that are considered coercive to get a confession.

There is no denying law enforcement can be intimidating, and when you are locked in a room with police officers or detectives, feeling frightened and hopeless, you will say and do whatever you can to end the situation. Law enforcement uses this vulnerability in their favor and in some cases, it results in false confessions. Unfortunately, once you admit to a crime you didn’t commit, the facts matter much less and you have put yourself in a very difficult situation.

The important thing to remember if you are questioned by law enforcement or accused of committing a crime is that your innocence is not enough to protect you. Just because you did not commit the crime does not mean you will not be sent to jail for it – just ask anyone falsely convicted serving time in jail right now. Many people are in prison because they broke the law, but there are also those in there who were pressured into admitting guilt out of fear or coercion.

Call an Attorney First

The only way to ensure you have the best protection possible is to have a lawyer present when you speak to law enforcement. Whether you have been accused of a crime or told law enforcement is simply “gathering information,” protecting your rights and maintaining control in the situation is essential. An experienced attorney provides counsel, so you can answer questions and assist law enforcement without incriminating yourself.

Have you been asked to speak to law enforcement or do you believe you are about to be accused of a crime? Our goal is to support you in any way we can. Before you follow up with law enforcement, contact David Lindsey to schedule a free consultation and to discuss your case.

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