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Denver Computer Hacking Defense Lawyer

I have worked on numerous computer hacking cases and I understand the detailed technical nature of the laws associated with these crimes. If you have been accused of illegally obtaining access to information, you need an experienced computer crimes attorney.

The Internet has changed how people communicate and conduct business. So many opportunities have sprung from the existence of the Internet, but not all of them are legal. More and more these days we hear about nefarious characters gaining access to our bank accounts and other personal information. It seems nobody is immune to risk.

Notorious hacking groups have received widespread attention and the federal government is on a mission to make an example of Internet criminals. The government uses every resource available to investigate and prosecute computer hacking crimes. Often times, those put in the spotlight and accused of criminal behavior are merely pawns in a bigger game.


It is easy for IT professionals to make mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes can lead to an accusation of crime. When Internet crimes involve interstate data – and most do – they are charged at the federal level. An innocent mistake can result in serious federal charges. Not to mention Federal Sentencing Guidelines include sentencing enhancers that increase punishment based on how many people are affected by a crime – which in the Internet world can be billions.

Something as simple as accession another person’s email account can form the basis for a criminal prosecution in either state or federal court. I’ve handled cases in which a spouse makes the mistake of hacking into his or her significant other’s email. Though it seems as if it would not be a big deal, you can be prosecuted for such behavior.

If you or someone you care about is under investigation for computer hacking or any Internet crime, you must act fast. You need an experienced attorney to protect your rights.

Denver Cyber Crime Attorney

    From my Denver, Colorado, law firm, I am able to bring more than 20 years of complex criminal defense experience to defend against charges including:

  • Fraudulent mass marketing/product misrepresentation
  • eBay fraud
  • Hacking
  • Illegal downloading
  • Identity theft fraud
  • Malicious code
  • Unauthorized access/illegal access to computer systems

I have access to a network of computer and forensic experts capable of helping with your defense. Federal prosecutors will work hard to build a strong case against you and you deserve the best protection possible.

To schedule a free confidential consultation to discuss Internet viruses or another hacking crime, call 303-228-2270 or submit an contact request.

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