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Not all criminal defense lawyers are experienced with federal crimes. It is critically important that if you are charged with a federal crime, you hire an attorney knowledgeable in federal criminal cases as soon as you can. A knowledgeable and skilled federal criminal defense attorney is crucial in your case. I am a federal criminal defense lawyer who has successfully represented clients facing criminal charges in Colorado and Wyoming and other federal courts.

Federal charges begin with an indictment that comes from a federal grand jury. This is a process where a United States Attorney presents the evidence in a case to a grand jury, and the grand jury then decides if charges should be filed. Even before a case reaches the grand jury phase, the government will have conducted an investigation. An experienced federal criminal defense lawyer can become involved in the investigation and potentially generate positive results for clients by being involved at such an early stage in a case. If you have been contacted by members of federal law enforcement or have been the subject of a search warrant, it is important that you not speak with those agents without an attorney, and you should hire an attorney as soon as you are aware that you are the subject of a federal law enforcement investigation.

Individuals charged through an indictment in federal court will, within a few days of their first court appearance, appear before a magistrate judge for a hearing called a detention hearing. A detention hearing is a hearing before a federal magistrate judge, and at that hearing the judge makes a determination regarding pretrial detention. Unlike state court, where nearly all cases have a bond set, in federal court the judge either orders detention pending trial, or releases an individual on pretrial release conditions. An experienced federal criminal defense attorney knows how to handle these detention hearings and how to negotiate with the government in an attempt to have them forgo pretrial detention. In some cases there is a statutory presumption that an individual charged with certain crimes should be detained pending trial. Overcoming this presumption can be difficult, and an experienced federal criminal defense attorney is critical at this early phase of a criminal case.

Another area where federal court differs from state court is in the way sentences are determined. Federal sentences are based on something called the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines are a manual that calculates a federal sentence based on the level of the offense combined with an individual’s criminal history. Extensive knowledge of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines is essential to an effective defense to charges in federal court. The Guidelines frequently change due to court interpretation and amendments. An experienced federal criminal defense attorney will be well versed in recent updates and changes to the Guidelines and will use those changes to the client’s benefit.

As an attorney who has been defending individuals in federal court for more than 30 years, I know what it takes to get good outcomes for my clients. I’m familiar with the prosecutors in these cases as well as the judges who will hear them. If you have been charged with a federal criminal law violation or are the subject of a federal law enforcement investigation call me for a free initial consultation.

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