Wyoming Federal Crimes

I grew up in Wyoming, began my legal career practicing in Cheyenne, and although I moved to Colorado for the chance to further develop my federal practice, I continue to represent people charged with serious crimes in Wyoming. I have a wide network of Wyoming attorneys with whom I work on a regular basis; if you have been charged with a crime, I can arrange to meet with you in Wyoming or at my Denver office. I maintain strong ties to Wyoming, which allows me to remain current on the law, politics and current events. I focus my Wyoming practice in the Federal Court, where I have been representing people since 1988.

As a criminal defense attorney based in Denver I’m involved with a large and diverse network of criminal defense attorneys. This community of defense attorneys shares ideas that are on the cutting edge of criminal defense. I’ve also developed a very extensive network of experienced, affordable expert witnesses and private investigators during my 30 years of practice in Colorado. This allows me to bring “big city” techniques and ideas to my defense of the client I represent in Wyoming, while maintaining the no-nonsense approach that I learned as a third-generation Wyoming native.

Wyoming has two federal courthouses, in Casper and in Cheyenne. Cases are most often assigned at random to a federal judge; this means that if you are charged in Wyoming federal court, you may have court dates in either Cheyenne or Casper, regardless of where in the state your offense may have occurred. I have practiced and continue to practice in both courthouses.

If you or a loved one is facing federal charges or federal drug crime charges in Wyoming, time is of the essence. The sooner you engage the services of an experienced lawyer, the greater the likelihood of a positive outcome in your case. A call to my office for a free initial consultation will provide you with a great deal of information and knowledge.

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