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What are the Four Types of Computer Crimes?
David Lindsey, Attorney at Law

Technology has brought many benefits to our lives, but it has also introduced new dangers that we must be aware of to protect ourselves and our businesses. Every day, we hear about new cases of cyber-attacks and data breaches, which can lead to significant financial losses, reputational damage, and legal problems. What are four computer…

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5 Things You Should Do If You’re Accused of Possessing Illegal Porn
David Lindsey, Attorney at Law

What can you do if you’re accused of possessing illegal porn? There’s no denying that people intentionally seeking illegal pornographic materials, much of which features minors, deserve to face legal consequences. But what about people who accidentally end up in possession of illegal pornography? Modern technology allows for the simple and rapid exchange of all…

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What You Need to Know about Drone Crimes
David Lindsey, Attorney at Law

Personal drone use is a relatively new occurrence. But should you be concerned about drone crimes? A few decades ago it would’ve been unfathomable for people to launch cameras and control them via remote control. But now, people of all ages and income levels own drones and use them for a variety of reasons. And…

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