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Drug-Related Offenses

There is no substitute for experience. For more than 30 years, I have successfully protected the rights of the accused.

Accusations or charges of drug or narcotics-related offense can have serious consequences on all aspects of a person’s life—from losing your driver’s license to losing your freedom. As the federal government and Colorado continue to strictly enforce drug and narcotics laws, it is important to find a seasoned and skilled attorney to protect your rights and interests.

As an Englewood drug possession lawyer with more than 30 years of criminal defense experience in federal and state matters, I can help you to defend yourself from drug-related accusations and criminal charges. Contact my office in Englewood, Colorado, in the event that you are accused, charged, or contacted by police. Available during emergency hours, I will protect your rights from the very beginning.

Because the penalties for drug possession, distribution, or cultivation depend on the quantity and purpose of possession, it is important to recognize your rights early. Even statements regarding your innocence made early in investigation or at arrest can damage your case later. If you are contacted by law enforcement authorities, you should not talk with them until you have consulted with a qualified criminal defense attorney.

Possession of Narcotic Drugs

It is illegal, under both federal and state laws, to possess illegal controlled substances, which include drugs and “precursor” chemicals used in drug cultivation and manufacture. Regardless of your intent, the amount of possession may allow the a judge or jury to presume an intent to distribute.

Distribution and Trafficking Narcotic Drugs

State and federal laws regulating the distribution and Punishments can vary according to the drug type and amount, or who the drug is sold to.

Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing Laws

It is illegal to grow, produce, and possess illegal controlled substances made from chemicals and requiring the use of manufacturing equipment. It is also illegal to be in possession of some naturally occurring elements.

A Colorado Narcotics Bust Attorney Who Analyzes Every Relevant Issue

Drug offenses can often raise serious constitutional questions relating to illegal search and seizures and have an impact on individual rights. At my firm, I am able to spot these issues and work toward an outcome that is in the best interest of my client.

Contact my office in Englewood, Colorado, if you have been accused or charged with a drug-related offense involving cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine (meth) or prescription drugs in the city of Denver or throughout Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas Counties.

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